The farms producing our Celtic Pride Premium Beef are:

  • Registered holdings in Wales;
  • Registered under a recognised farm assurance scheme.

All cattle must be born, reared and finished on Welsh farms. From this a Celtic Pride Premium Beef Producers Club is established. Club activities will include carcass classification and best practice in selection for slaughter.

The club will encourage members to maintain records of animal liveweight taken at agreed intervals, with the aim of a minimum of 3 occasions to ensure an adequate liveweight gain.

As a supplier to Celtic Pride Premium Beef producers agree to make the farm premises, land, livestock and livestock identification and movement records available for inspection by Celtic Pride Ltd at reasonable request by a Celtic Pride representative.


We believe that supply chains are only as strong as their weakest link. The red meat supply chain is a complex process where quality can be enhanced or lost at every stage. To ensure consistency of both quality and supply, in 2003 the Celtic Pride Premium Beef Scheme was born.

We worked in partnership with Wynnstay Ltd, Aberystwyth University and the Welsh Meat Company to develop a brand and supply chain initiative that would best meet the needs to the catering sector.

The Celtic Pride Beef and Pork scheme sources from predominately Mid and South Wales. Our 70 or so farmer partners finish livestock to agreed husbandry, breed, feed and classification protocol and deliver the cattle to our partner abattoirs at Llanidloes, Haverfordwest, Cross Hands and Maesteg.

Gareth Evans, our trusted fieldsman, is tasked with ensuring that all animals entering the scheme meet these standards. We, in turn, pay the farmers a premium for producing to our requirements.

We’re proud that Celtic Pride Beef carries the prestigious Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) standard. Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef were granted status by the European Commission in July 2003 and November 2002 respectively and we consider the status of PGI to be of enormous importance to the Welsh red meat industry, as it identifies the origin and unique qualities of both Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef.

The main requirements of PGI Welsh Lamb and PGI Welsh Beef are that animals must be

  • Born and reared in Wales
  • Fully traceable
  • Processed in an approved abattoir and cutting plant

Click here for full Producer Protocol Document


The fact there is personal help from the procurement officer is a huge benefit from the scheme and on top of this any issues that arise are dealt with in an effective and efficient manner

E Williams, Old Park, Margan

I am delighted to see Celtic Pride beef getting the attention it deserves, with rave reviews by customers in top quality national restaurants. Not least that the attention to detail ourselves and other local producers show is well rewarded and shows a strong future

Ed Rees, Bryn Farm, Pendoylan