About Us


The history of the brand dates to 2003 and was born from consumer demand for consistently high quality Welsh beef that adhered to the highest welfare standards. The partnership is successful in meeting these aims and has grown to be one of Wales’ most recognised beef brands.
Welcomed at a growing number of hotels and restaurants across the Principality and West Country. Celtic Pride Beef carries the coveted Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status, awarded to food products that have full traceability within their country of origin

The aim of excellence in beef production has been achieved through collaboration with Farm Assurance schemes, the grassland management expertise of the Institute of Biological and Enviromental Studies (IBERS, formerly IGER) at Aberystwyth University and the experience of feed manufacturers Wynnstay. These elements are managed by the Celtic Pride team who are available to visit farms, conduct audits and liase across the supply chain.

A key element to the success of the scheme is the partnership developed with the farm producers. Farmers are members of the Welsh Meat Company and adhere to a practical protocol with members annually audited to meet farm assurance standards of husbandry and welfare. Producers are rewarded for their stockman skills with a guaranteed market, recognised branded beef and premium price paid for their livestock. The third link in the chain is the route to market. Castell Howell Foods and Weddel Swift distribute the beef throughout Wales and beyond. Celtic Pride Beef is available at a growing number of retail and catering outlets

Quality Standards

Celtic Pride Beef carries the prestigious Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status. This label authenticates the brand and underlines the integrity of the farming practices, whole chain traceability and quality assurance management. PGI provides consumer assurance that Celtic Pride cattle are born and reared in Wales and that all further processes are in approved plants that can be marketed as Welsh. The stock must also be fully traceable from farm to retail or catering outlets.

Celtic Pride ltd have been successful in achieving PGI again after an audit by CMI Certification on 22nd August 2011.