Celtica Foods Ltd (the home of Celtic Pride) is a key partner in the BeefQ project, a collaboration of 6 organisations namely Celtica Foods Ltd, Aberystwyth University, HCC, Queens University Belfast, Menter a Busnes and Birkenwood Pty Ltd



What is the Beef Q Project?

The BeefQ project aims to increase the eating quality and value of Welsh Beef production through the testing and demonstration of an enhanced carcase quality grading system based on the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) model. This system will enable predictions of beef carcase eating quality and guide the introduction of new carcase data feedback, benchmarking and decision-support systems to the Welsh Beef supply chain, aimed primarily at farmers. For more information click here

Our Beef Q Team

To achieve this goal, we’re training three of our key members of staff to be Beef Quality auditors.

Ricky Davies and Antony Langdon will follow the training programme, developed in Australia and adapted to the ‘Welsh way’. Training will involve a broad understanding of the meat science behind the project, allied to visual assessments of carcasses.


Here’s more about the science and research supporting this project…